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Less Worry

More Fun !

At Little Swimsters we're all about making swimming more fun so that parents can sit back and worry less! We offer a variety of options to fit your swimming needs but focus on swim lesson year-round for swimmers of all ages and levels starting at 6 months.

We offer 5 levels. Every swimmer will go through all 5 levels, no matter the age, and no matter which program you decide to do within our learn-to-swim program.

While we have options to fit your busy schedules, we focus on private lessons both in-house at our year-round facility and at your house seasonally.

Group lessons and camps are available on select days and at select locations.

We may have lessons in your neighborhood.

Wanting lessons at your house? You can request a mobile lesson and we'd be happy to come out at a convenient time for you. Mobile lessons are available April - September.

2 & Under Private Lesson

We offer a 20 minute 1 on 1 infant swim lesson starting at 6 months building trust and confidence with the water through level one, water acclimation, focusing on breath control, floating and kicking.

3 & Over Private Lessons

We offer a 30 minute 1 on 1 swim lesson not only focused on breath control, floating, and kicking, but also how to move through the water, properly take a breath and continue controlling your breathing in various ways as you travel through levels two through four.

Adult Private Lessons

Our program is not only geared toward children. It's never too late to learn how to swim. But later in age it can be kind of embarrassing. No worries, we've got you covered! We offer a one hour 1 on 1 class. Swimmers over thirty get a special discount. Ask about our 30Club.

Semi-Private Lessons

Friends are the best and there's nothing better than swimming with your best friend. Grab a brother, sister, cousin, or friend and join us for a 2 on 1 class and learn to swim together.

Group Lessons

We offer 4:1 30 minute group classes. You will progress through our curriculum by age and level. Classes offered at select dates and locations.

Swim Team Prep

We offer a 1:1 60 minute swim team prep class working on strokes and techniques to increase speed and performance. Whether you're looking to join a swim team or already on a team, we're here to help.

Mobile Lessons

Life gets busy. Instead of putting swim lessons on the to do list let us come to you. You can continue doing what you need to do while we cross of swim lessons for you. Nothing better than learning to swim at the convenience of your own home.

Swim Party Lifeguard

Have a pool party coming up? We watch the pool so you can worry less and get back to hosting. Hire a professional lifeguard for any backyard birthday party of event.


We host various camps and events throughout the year. 

Birthday Parties

We offer hosting 2 hour birthday parties with 1 hour of swim time and 1 hour of food and presents. Bring your own food and drinks and we'll take care of the rest.

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